About rental of armor


Please fill in the application form at the front desk.
Please pay after the staff explains.

2.Wear armor

In the changing room, first select your favorite armor. The staff will help you to wear the armor. Put valuables in the locker in the changing room. I will not be liable if problems occur.

3.Commemorative photo

First, I will take a memorial photo with everyone.
This is printed and can be obtained when you return.

4.photograph freely while taking a walk

After changing clothes, you can walk for about an hour. Take photos with your favorite armor doll, shoot in a movie-like pose, and enjoy yourself freely.

5.Return after 1 hour

Return to the changing room and change clothes.
You will receive a photo taken first.
Thank you very much.


Recommend reservation

The number of armor is limited. It is recommended to make a reservation in advance when visiting with multiple people. Since outdoor shooting is the main service, it will be canceled if it is raining.