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Latest event information

Event information to be held at the museum. You may need to make a reservation, so please check the details.


Join free games

A free game that anyone can join without a reservation. Children also receive prizes.


Real-sized panorama

Outside, there is a space that reproduces the battlefield with a full-size doll.

This art museum is a theme park type art museum that reproduces the battle of Sekigahara. In a very large area, the battle is reproduced with over 240 full-size statues. The image created by the sculptor Mr. Asano has unique humor and reality that you will never forget. Not only history lovers but also you and the general public can enjoy it.

You transform yourself into a samurai, too! A rental armor of one hour 2,000 yen. There is a genuine armor and can photograph a garden freely. Do you not try the filming of 1 scene of the movie in a diorama? There are a lightweight protective gear for children and the option of the imitation sword.

A popular director of this library with many core fans. Regardless of the number, we offer a history course of free excellent speech skills. If you are lucky, you may be able to take ninja lessons.

How about a little extravagant cuisine that specializes in Omi beef for your reward in the memories of your trip. At the hotel's restaurant, you can admire the seasonal tastes that the chef will bake in front of you, while overlooking the beautiful lake.

There is also the largest souvenir shop in the area on site. We offer many original products and east-west dishes. There are also snacks such as the famous Tenshitan bowl.

Let's borrow a armor and become a Samurai

You can take pictures with a full-fledged armor and enjoy shooting freely in the park. The staff will help you change clothes, so even beginners are fine. We also provide lightweight armor for children. There are also fake sword and gun options. Parents and children can enjoy full-fledged cosplay.
※ As it is outdoors, the service will be canceled if it rains.


This building is the only experience-oriented private library in Japan.

The land was built by the will of the director's father. "Sekigahara, the most famous battlefield in Japan" A place where East and West considered contradictory, and a place where many lives were lost. However, there is neither a museum that shows the history of the country nor a temple for mourning. Be sure to make both. In response to this intention, the Land Museum was built.

There is also a planning menu etc. which has a tie-up with an adjacent facility

Teppan Dining Tenma

It is a restaurant stuck to Omi beef. We offer a luxurious lunch where the chef bakes in front of you.

sekigahara Hana Ibuki

It is a souvenir shop that boasts the region's largest. There are also original products and snacks, including the famous Tenka-don.


Gifu Prefecture Fuwa-gun Sekigaharacho Sekigahara 1701-6
Meishin Expressway 10 minutes from Sekigahara IC. Turn the signboard under the viaduct 300 m

Contact information

TEL 0584-43-0302

※ We may be closed earlier than time by bad weather. Please check before visiting


Individual:Adult 500 yen / children 300 yen 

Group of over 30 people:Adult 450 yen / children 250 yen

※Children under 6 are free

business hours

April to November: 10:00 to 16:00
December to March: 10:00 to 15:00
※ Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays will be open until 16:00.
※ There is no regular holiday (closed at the end of the year)


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