A free participatory game for everyone

Sengoku Struck out

It is a game that competes in the score that you hit. Each warlord has a different score, so let's find your favorite warlord.

Shuriken Experience

There is also a toy shuriken for children. Are you Koga? Is it Iga? Let's compete the targets with the intention of becoming a Shinobu.

Let's search for Tenkai-kun

Find the "Tenshita-kun" character hiding somewhere in the park and take a photo with your mobile phone. If you find two, show the screen at the reception desk and you will get a small item.

Challenge from the director!

Some of the Sengoku warlords in the park have hidden quizzes after the warlords. Give a prize to those who have taken the mystery of all points and reached the correct answer!

Sekigahara Battle Mobile Stamp Rally

Visit the stamp rally course, access the Facebook spot page with your smartphone or tablet, and just check in using the check-in function ♪ Present the FaceBook check-in list at the Warland reception desk in front of the goal "Horazoji" We will give you a super rare Sengoku warlord sticker if you can!